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The Conference at a Glance:

[tab:   Day 1 - Sept. 24  ]

DAY 1 – Tuesday Sept. 24

9.15am – 10.00am: Badge delivery / Registration
10.00am – 1.00pm Plenary Opening Session


"Mobile Proximity Services for All"

Well beyond just the "tap gesture", a new way consumers interact with the digital world is emerging: the "mobile proximity".
Allowing new interactions, experiences and usages, this form of connected life, at the core of the NFC revolution, involves the whole mobile ecosystem.
What remains to do to enable mass market in the near future for the new payment and non-payment applications?
Are technologies such as location-based, cloud-based solutions, QR Code, etc. complementary or competitive?

Opening Remarks
by François Lecomte-Vagniez, NFC World Congress Program Committee Chair; Associate Partner, Lobary
Welcome message
from Florence Barale, Community Councillor of Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, Municipal Councillor of Nice, Delegate for Innovation
Keynotes includes:

James D. Davlouros, Vice President – Global Strategic Alliances, MasterCard Worldwide
Winston Yeo, Vice President Mobile Financial Services, Gemalto

Mary Carol Harris, VP, Mobile Strategic Alliances – Mobile, Contactless & Innovation Strategy, Visa Europe
Thierry Millet, VP NFC and Payment Division, Orange

Peter Vesco, Senior VP, Head of the Payment/NFC Division Deutsche Telekom and CEO ClickandBuy

1.00pm – 2.00pm: Lunch – Networking – Exhibition

2.00pm – 6.45pm: Conference

3.50pm – 4.30pm: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition

Driving Adoption & Managing NFC Services
Session Chair: Mark Hung, Research VP, Gartner, USA

Mobile Payment- A Convenient and Secure Way to Pay 
Stefan Reinhardt, Senior Vice President Merchant Services, Clickandbuy International Limited (Subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG), Germany

Will NFC Mobile Payment Become Mainstream in the Short Middle Term? PREVIEW

Didier Geiben, Managing Partner, GM Consultants & Associés, France

– Why is NFC mobile payment not emerging?
– The proposed traditional “card centric” ecosystems are too complex
– Closed loop vs Open loop: who owns the data?
– Banks cannot propose disruptive models: who will

Can mPOS Break the Ice for NFC Payments? PREVIEW

Sirpa Nordlund, Executive Director, Mobey Forum

– The need for manufacturers to consider contactless payments for mPOS
– Traditional players vs the new entrants in mPOS
– EMV compliance to bring contactless payments to mPOS

Convergence of NFC in the Cloud PREVIEW

Dr Francesco Prato, Director of Sales & Business Development, Siemens CVC, Austria

– NFC vs Cloud solution
– NFC wallets for vertical markets and their convergence in the cloud: challenges and opportunities
– Use cases for infrastructure, mobility, and corporate services

The Mobile Point of Sale Revolution from Technology to Merchant Solutions
Samuel Mueller, CEO & Co-Founder, Scandit, Switzerland

Wallets and Convergence (provisional title)
Johan Lindstrom, Senior Business Leader eCommerce, MasterCard UK

How to drive mobile payment adoption? Feedback & perspective by BNP Paribas  PREVIEW

Bruno Prexl, Global Head of Digital Payments, BNP Paribas, France

– Value proposition for consumers & merchants
– Business model
– EMV compliance to bring contactless payments to mPOS

Use Cases Worldwide & Verticals
Session Chair: Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform, USA
NFC and mobile commerce : going mass-market PREVIEW

Pierre Combelles, Business Lead, Mobile Commerce Program, GSMA, UK

– Forecasts and underlying trends & how this is tracking
– Around-the-world look at how MNOs have deployed NFC services
– Best practice viewpoints highlighting Transport/Retail & Banking verticals

US NFC Update and Selling your NFC Services in the US PREVIEW

Hank Chavers, Associate Principal, Constratus, USA

– NFC payment status in the US, including ISIS
– How to get into the US MNO Secure Element
– Scaling card emulation services
– NFC marketing (tag reading), what is working and where is the opportunity

NFC in Japan: market and outlook (title tbc)
Jean-Luc Guisset, Business Development & Technical Support, SONY FeliCa, Sony Europe

The Russian NFC payment market take-off (title tbc)
Alfa-Bank (speaker tbc) or Andrey Makarov, VP Market Development Head, Russia, MasterCard Worldwide

NFC in France Status
François-Xavier Godron, Director NFC Program, Orange France

Polish case study –“There is no longer need to wait for NFC”  PREVIEW

Dariusz Boduch, Director of Marketing Multimedia Offers, Orange Poland; Aleksander Naganowski, Business Development, MasterCard Poland

- Poland – land of cash or NFC
– Mobile landscape in Poland
– Payment landscape in Poland
- Mobile payment systems in Poland
- Paypass Acceptance in Poland
- NFC ecosystem
- Orange Poland value proposition – Orange Cash and Orange Wallet
- Challenges for the future

NFC Deployment in Germany – NFC City Berlin: Building the NFC Ecosystem
Ercan Kilic, Head of NFC, GS1 Germany

NFC deployment in Finland PREVIEW

Matti Penttilä, Senior Project Manager at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

– Overview to situation in payment and retail
– NFC in public transportation: multi purpose travel card
– City with a contactless strategy
– Id Card on construction site
– Credential Card ecosystem

- current state of play
- the challenges
- the next big thing
Paying with Facebook: Which Impact for NFC Ecosystems?
Panellists confirmed:
Tom Conlon,
VP Marketing & Business Development, VeriFone EMEA, Sweden
Mark Hung,
Research VP, Gartner, USA
Sirpa Nordlund, Executive Director, Mobey Forum
Peter Vesco, SVP, Head of the ayment/NFC Division, Deutsche Telekom and CEO Clickandbuy, Germany
Nicolai Schattgen, Principal, Global Head of M-Payment Competence Center, Arthur D. Little, Austria
Banks are enabling merchant terminals for NFC payment and issuing contactless cards for offline payments. In the meantime, online mobile payment is growing, supported by internet pure players such as PayPal. Today Facebook is launching its own solution to simplify mobile purchases. Its proven scoring capabilities seen in advertising, its one billion+ users, the Facebook Connect ‘s ease of authentication constitute indeed key assets for secure and trusted m-payment. With NFC deployed in physical commerce and NFC embedded in smartphones, Facebook may have interest to comply with NFC standards to simplify mobile user’s shopping experience. In a nutshell, the NFC to facilitate the SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) experience.

► What would be possible Facebook impacts on NFC payment and marketing ecosystem’s?
► Is Facebook in a position to swing the Cloud Vs. NFC payment models debate?
► Does Facebook really influence the convergence between remote and proximity payment with smartphones?
► Is Facebook community an enabler to accelerate massive mobile NFC services adoption? And what would be the impacts for different stakeholders?

Panel moderated by François Lecomte-Vagniez,
NFC World Congress Program Committee Chair; Associate Partner, Lobary
6.30pm – 7.00pm: NFC World Congress Welcome Cocktail


[tab:   Day 2 - Sept. 25  ]

DAY 2 – Wednesday Sept. 25

9.00am – 1.00pm: Conference

10.50am – 11.20am: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition

Session Chair: Francesco Iarlori, Editor, Mobile Ecosystem, Italy

Tipping points between virtual and physical worlds, NFC works
Francois Lecomte-Vagniez, Associate Partner, Lobary, France
Next Generation Marketing
Internet of Products (IOP) : How brands should rethink their customers relation through products PREVIEW

Justin Derbyshire, President, Mobile Marketing Association, France

– How brands should tackle the IOT opportunity ?
– Drive to store, sales, customer relations : What objectives to pursue with IOP?
– Successful cases & examples

Make the invisible visible – A sociological approach to NFC usage in the city of Strasbourg PREVIEW

Pierre Métivier, Managing Director, Forum SMSC (French Contactless Mobile Services Forum)

– We’re all thoughtful users
– Inventing new rituals
– Creating new traditions
– Transforming yourself and the technology through translation
– Moving at the same speed

New NFC based Social Marketing PREVIEW

Joel Bloch, CEO, Tag’by, France

– How Social Marketing will affect real world marketing
– Change shopping and visiting experience by linking NFC ID to a personal or professional social networ
– NFC to become the corner stone of next generation marketing at the conjunction of payment and social behaviour

POPWings, the POP Revolution, connecting People, Objects and Places in Real Life  PREVIEW

Marc Gemeto, POPWings Founder, France

– NFC Social Business Cards Application
– Unveiling new simple and powerful uses cases to connect real life and virtual life
Mobile ID & NFC: Gateway to Secure Apps
Making the Convergence of Digital Identity and NFC a Reality PREVIEW

Cyril Caillaud, NFC Product Line Manager, Morpho e-Documents, France

– Combination & convergence of Digital Identity and NFC
– Leveraging synergies for a successful adoption
– Use cases & user experiences

Using Trusted Tags with NFC Smartphones to verify the Authenticity, Value and Ownership of Physical Items with Confidence PREVIEW

Daniel Bailin, Director of Program Management, HID Global, USA

– NFC to authenticate documents, processes, and high-value assets with cloud-based security, “trusted tags,” and smartphones.
– How to leverage of NFC smartphones and cryptographic cloud services to ensure the information stored on a tag is trusted and unmodified.
– Challenges around preventing data stored on NFC tags from being compromised and offers tips for maintaining the integrity of the tag’s infrastructure, data, and the object being read.

Combining Mobile ID and NFC Capabilities into the SIM Card PREVIEW

Stephane Jacquelin, NFC Product Marketing Team Leader, Oberthur Technologies, France

– Thanks to NFC, identity checks can be accelerated and automated
– Only the required information can be shared thanks to NFC
– Thanks to NFC, Identity verification can be symmetric

NFC Technology for the Third Generation ePassport PREVIEW

Heesun Yang, Team Manager, KOMSCO, Korea

– For the first time, NFC adopted in the third generation e-Passport.
– New applications opportunities far beyond mobile payment

Session Chair: Dominique Descolas, Convenor standardization telematics for public transport, CEN
The Challenge of NFC Ticketing: Getting the Contactless Message Across PREVIEW

Windsor Holden, Research Director, Juniper Research, UK

– The NFC Consumer Journey
– The Transition to Contactless: Beyond OysterCard
– Stakeholders: Defining, Understanding & Communicating the Value Proposition

An Innovative Way to Deploy NFC for Transit Ticketing PREVIEW

Robert Hasson, Managing Director, Mobile Commerce Lead, Accenture, France

– Where is the Mobile Payment promise in the transit industry?
– How to address all customers (inclusiveness mandate)
– How to avoid dependency on TSM and MNOs to deploy mobile ticketing

Marina of Tomorrow Today: Port-pass (2 parts)
Jean Dervaux, Business Development & Innovation Director, SIFA Ports, France; Brieuc Morin, Ports Director, SELLOR, France; Alain Duquenne, Director of Mobile Contactless Project, Orange, France

Addressing Transport Markets in The Emerging Countries PREVIEW

Stephane Jacquelin, NFC Product Marketing Team Leader, Oberthur Technologies, France

– Addressing network reactivity challenges
– Transaction speed is critical
– Innovations coming from emerging countries
How to Monetize NFC for Transports PREVIEW

Sergio Cozzolino, ICT Mobile Solutions VP, Telecom Italia, Italy

– NFC market scenario: from adoption to maturity
– Monetizing NFC: Telecom Italia Go to Market
– NFC for transports: Interoperability issues
– Main TI NFC projects for transports

Session Chair: Sergio Cozzolino, ICT Mobile Solutions VP, Telecom Italia, Italy
Closing the Loop with Analytics, Seamless Retail and Next Generation Commerce Platforms  PREVIEW

Robert Hasson, Managing Director, Mobile Commerce Lead, Accenture, France

– Where is the Mobile Payment promise in the retail industry?
– How do retailers get to know the many personas of their customers?
– How do the many actors involved in commerce achieve seamless retail?

Mobile in Retail: Payment, Couponing, Loyalty & Co. Opportunities, risky , Challenges for NFC Services in Retail
Ercan Kilic, Head of NFC, GS1 Germany

In-Shop Experience
NFC-Tag, the In-Store Label that Communicates with Smartphones PREVIEW

Thierry Gadou, CEO, Store Electronic Systems, France

– Customer convenience: access to a mass of information about products and built up of the shopping basket
– A new interactive medium for the shelves that won multiple awards
– Case study: the first hypermarket fully equipped with NFC Electronic Shelf Labels

Dematerialization of Italian Lunch Vouchers & Mobile Solutions
Marc Buisson, General Manager, Day Ristoservice, International Management at Cheque Dejeuner Group, Italy

Digital proximity experience for horse-race betting at PMU PREVIEW

Guillaume Dolbeau, Director e-Business, PMU

– myPMU mobile Apps,
– Interactive screens in-shop,
– EMV secured NFC transactions and cashless bets (PMU card),
– Drive-to-shop campaign and NFC/QR tag read usages.

- PMU : A multi channel development strategy
- How NFC have been integrated in our innovation approach
- Carte PMU: Knot of our multi-channel strategy
- NFC & PMU, a common future

1.00pm – 2.00pm: Lunch – Networking – Exhibition

2.00pm – 6.45pm: Conference

3.50pm – 4.30pm : Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition

Session Chair: Robert Hasson, Managing Director, Mobile Commerce Lead, Accenture, France
The Future of Wallet on Windows Phone: Creating Experiences that Increase NFC Adoption PREVIEW

John Lawrence, Worldwide Director of Technical Sales, Operator Channels, Microsoft

– The majority of users aren’t excited to use NFC, they are excited to use experiences that meet their needs: simplifying their life and helping them to save money
– Types of NFC experiences that make our user’s life easier, which include payment scenarios and non-payment scenarios
– How to enable these experiences

The Breakthrough of NFC beyond Payment? PREVIEW

Joerg Schmidt (PhD),Business Development Manger NFC, Infineon Technologies, Germany

– 2012 was the breakthrough in NFC adoption
– Payment remains to be the most important NFC application
– Still a lot of obstacles in the NFC arena, but NFC adoption is progressing step by step
– NFC will come, but in a different way and with different applications than expected

Mobile NFC – What’s all the Hype about? PREVIEW

Nicolai Schattgen, Principal, Global Head of M-Payment Competence Center, Arthur D. Little, Austria

– Where do we really stand in all the mobile NFC hype?
– Why is mobile NFC not here yet? What are the remaining challenges?

– How to solve the business model challenge? What will work?
– Which countries are most ready for mobile NFC?

NFC Smart Gesture PREVIEW

Antonio Lotito, Head of Research Unit, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Italy

– Is there something else then the simple “tap”?
– Currently available solutions
– Innovative solution (patent pending solution)
– Use cases and demonstrations


"Pushing forward mass adoption"

TSM Hub – a Springboard for NFC Services Deployment PREVIEW

Dominique Brûlé, Marketing Director NFC/TSM, Gemalto France

– Key learning from commercial NFC launches
– Accelerating the on-boarding of Service providers
– From mass transit, corporate access, retail to boarding pass services: how does TSM Hub work?

Is the TSM a Barrier to a Wider Adoption of NFC? PREVIEW

Stephanie El Rhomri, Business Line Manager, FIME France

– Is the TSM a critical point that prevents wide adoption by service providers?
– How to ease the deployment all stakeholders?

– What benefit for the NFC ecosystem with new ways to deploy services?

Will NFC, Smart Mobile Devices and Secure Elements enable Services on a Global Scale? PREVIEW

Pedro Martinez, Business Development Manager Mobile Transactions & Infrastructure EMEA, NXP Semiconductors

– NFC & secure element as a changer on how we interact with our environment
– Making public transport more attractive and easier to use
– What needs still to happen to reach global scalability?
– New comfort functions offered by NFC

How would you like to pay: card, phone or cloud? PREVIEW

Jan Dart, Advisory Director, Bell ID, Netherlands

– The evolution of the TSM
– The emergence of an alternative – cloud
– Princples, advantages & disadvantages of cloud
– How might it be implemented now and in the future


TSM Lessons Learned Worldwide

RETAIL 3.0 (Second Part)
Unified Experience for Commerce
Session Chair: Pierre Combelles, Business Lead, Mobile Commerce Program, GSMA, UK
NFC: At the Heart of the m-Commerce Revolution PREVIEW

Michel-Ange Camhi, Head of NFC/TSM Business and Strategic Development, Atos Worldline, France

– The Digital Store revolution: a new shopping experience thanks to mobile and NFC
– Proximity, Remote, In-Store, Out-of-Store: mobile for all transactions
– Feedback on live projects: Buyster, Système U, Casino, Mobile POS
– A unified experience for m-commerce

Enabling Mobile Commerce: It’s About More Than Payment PREVIEW

Tom Conlon, VP, Marketing & Business Development, VeriFone EMEA, Sweden

– Adoption of NFC technology holds the key to the future success of mobile commerce.
– The need to shift focus from enabling NFC payments to empowering mobile commerce.
– NFC value-added services create revenue opportunity and compelling convenience – it’s about more than payment
– Solutions include managed services, mPOS, and mobile retail software

In-Store and Online Shopping Convergence: Leverage NFC Payment Convenience and Security PREVIEW

Pirjo Ojala, Head of Product Marketing & Product, Oberthur Technologies, France

– How to improve customer shopping experience – for both on-line and in-store shopping?
– How to ensure security for in-store and on-line payment?
– What is the best solution for converged in-store and online shopping?

Openstore:  Mobile Identity and NFC for e-Commerce Business (title tbc)
François Xavier Godron, Director NFC Program, Orange France; Dongyan Wang, Head of Standards &  Ecosystem, Mobile Payment & NFC Innovations, Orange China

Multi-Brand Loyalty

Challenges for Building Brand Loyalty PREVIEW

Carsten Kress, Senior Director of Sales, SAP

– Providing a unified mCommerce & loyalty experience: remote & proximity services
– Incentivizing customers with stored-value accounts: brand-specific offers
– Building exclusive, personalized offers based on profiles and preferences: precision marketing
– Customer use case : Montreal Transportation Loyalty Program

Adshel 2.0 , UK 1st national roadside NFC platform (10 000 locations) PREVIEW

Derek Manns, Head of New Business Delivery; Will Ramage, Business Development Director, ClearChannel, UK

– How advertisers are using it
– What insights have we obtained so far
– How we are developing the consumer experience
– Insight from consumer research

Best Practice and Experiences from a nationwide NFC Loyalty Rollout at Narvesen / Latvia PREVIEW

Kurt Schmid, CEO, NEXPERTS, Austria – Janis Peics, Head of Purchasing, Narvesen, Latvia

— NFC – why this technology for a digital stamp collection and redemption program
— The architecture behind
— Rollout aspects: POS Integration, Consumer on-boarding
— Experience from the program, next steps planed

NFC for Better Customer Engagement: The Canadian Use Case PREVIEW

Vindhya Saravane, Business Development Manager, Adelya, France

– Digital Rewards, a NFC based self-served loyalty program in Canada
– How NFC solutions can help cities boost local trade
– NFC & Cities – what’s next

Review here how Smart cities deploy latest mobile technologies for the benefit of their citizens, businesses and administrations in transport systems, access to public services, touristic/cultural information, Health and personal care, education, local retail, better use of energy, etc.
Contactless services for
Smart Cities

Session Chair: Pierre Métivier, Managing Director, Forum SMSC (French Contactless Mobile Services Forum)
Validation Tag at Grenoble City, France PREVIEW

Arnaud Chevailler, Sales Manager, Connecthings, France

– MonGroom Project
– Acquisition tag
– NFC m-ticketing
– Validation tag

NFC Cityzi: Payment, Transportation…and Retailn PREVIEW

Thibault de Dreuille, Managing Director, AFSCM France

– NFC Cityzi and Payment new launch: how the main actors were prepared and first lessons
– NFC Cityzi and Transportation: lessons of new deployments in Strasbourg and Caen
– NFC Cityzi and the retailers : what for and why?

Nice Côte d’Azur, NFC Territory  PREVIEW

Aurélie Bozza, Project Manager, DSI of Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur

– The City of Nice, a precursor of Near Field Technology
– A project for citizens
– The transversality of services in the territory
– A new typical signage

Strasbourg City Case
eCommunity : Contactless and Mobile Application Platform

Antoine Becker, CTO, Chlorophyll Vision, France

– Global View of eCommunity
– The contactless component
– The mobile application platform
– Working in poor network environments

Caen: an NFC Business Friendly Territory
Pierre-Andre Martin,  Director of IT Services and Digital Innovation (DOSIIN), City of Caen

Connected Cities Innovative approaches
Session Chair: François Gatineau, Head of the Business Division M2M Mobility, Worldline
Smart City Solutions: Easy as ABC (provisional title)

Joint presentation by Thomas Nicholls, Business Developer, SIGFOX France and John Canosa, General Manager of M2M/OEM Solutions, ThingWorx, Switzerland

Smart solutions for innovative and sustainable cities. Wireless sensor networks applications

Javier Martinez, Sales Director, Libelium, Spain

A Connected City requires a Smart Platform : the EXPO2015 MILANO case

Fabio Mungo, Managing Director, Accenture Mobility, Italy

A Smart City Vision PREVIEW

Gianluca Dianese, Senior Proposition Manager at the M2M Competence Center of Deutsche Telekom, Germany

– Major trends for smarter cities in the future
– THE two keywords in the smarter cities context
– DTAG’s approach and strategy to enhance smart cities

Beyond the hype – there is money in dirt PREVIEW

Paul Egan, Co-founder & VP Business Development, Neul Ltd

– Smart Cities, Smart Facilities Management
– Why WAN, Why Weightless
– What we deliver
– How we deliver it

From Connected Cars to Connected  PREVIEW

Patrick Waters, Head of Operations M2M & Subscription Management, Giesecke & Devrient, Sweden

– Connecting Everyone and Everything
– Connected Cars are Driving the Future
– A Vision for Smart Cities and their Connectivity Demands
– Solving Smart City Connectivity Challenges

[tab:   Day 3 - Sept. 26  ]

DAY 3 – Thursday Sept. 26

9.00am – 1.00pm: Conference

10.50am – 11.20am: Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking – Exhibition

Session Chair: Houssem Assadi, CEO, Dejamobile, France
Speeding Up Large Scale Deployments of NFC Services – NFC International Roaming PREVIEW

Laurence Bringer, Technical Marketing, Standardization & Technology Department, Gemalto France

– Remaining challenges to accelerate massive deployments of NFC enabled Secure Elements and NFC services.
– Potential areas of improvements and possible technical solutions
– Progress in standardization bodies on those areas
– Rough the next step: the NFC international roaming

From Certified Products to Working Applications PREVIEW

Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl, CTO, CISC Semiconductor, Austria

– Use problems of NFC enabled devices despite certification
– Interoperability tests and conclusions
– Hurdles hindering consumer satisfaction
– Work required for adoption

Standardization for NFC Transport Application: to insure Sustainability and Cost Effectiveness PREVIEW

Dominique Descolas, General Manager, Mercur, Veolia Transdev Group, France

– Why standardization for NFC in transport
– What is today applicable & what is needed / work in progress
– Liaisons CEN, ISO, GSMA, UITP, GlobalPlatform,…
– Examples

NFC and Mobile Payments Testing: More Than Testing the Sum of its Parts PREVIEW

Gerd Thys, Senior NFC Product Manager & NFC Forum Task force Chair, Clear2Pay, Belgium

– New testing strategies of companies introducing mobile payment applications
– Why a dedicated test approach is vital
– How testing can facilitate standardized, robust NFC-based payment applications.

Presentation by (title tbc)

Xavier Piednoir, Technical Officer SC Platform, ETSI, France

Session Chair: Chris Edwards, CTO, Intercede, UK
NFC and M2M – two key technologies in the development of the Internet of things PREVIEW

Pierre Métivier, Managing Director, Forum SMSC (French Contactless Mobile Services Forum)

– The many faces of the internet of things (including smart cities, quantified self, V2V, …)
– The complementary role of M2M and NFC technologies
– Examples around the world

NFC Everywhere PREVIEW

Mohamed Awad, NFC Product Line Director, Broadcom, USA

– Barriers to broad NFC adoption and what can be done to remedy these barriers
– Examination of the NFC ecosystem that is developing to support mobile payments and sophisticated NFC applications
– How will technology keep up with the pace of demand for NFC as it grows?

Smartphone Application Services using a Programmable NFC Sensor Card PREVIEW

Ji-Man Park, Principal Researcher, ETRI, Korea

– An innovative technology to implement seamlessly a sensor to NFC enabled smartphones
– How the programmable NFC sensor card extends use cases of the smartphones
– Low power and low size modules, energy harvesting technology

Turning today’s corporate badges into NFC Badges – in an easy way! PREVIEW

Oliver Burke, Vice President Corporate Projects, LEGIC Identsystems, Switzerland

– Big or small existing corporate ID card projects can be turned into NFC roll outs in the most cost effective way.
– Lessons learned from the NFC SWISSCOM Badge and the LEGIC NFC Badge
– New, flexible ways get started with NFC technology

NFC & Smart Meters, GrDF case : 11 million of NFC embedded smart meters  PREVIEW

Alexandre Vialle, Project Manager, GRDF- Gaz Réseau Distribution France, France

– GrDF smart meter program
– The added value of NFC for GrDF
– The next steps and needs for GrDF
– The utility companies : the future market for NFC

1.00pm – 2.00pm: Lunch – Networking – Exhibition

2.00pm – 6.45pm : Conference…

3.30pm – 4.15pm : Coffee & Refreshments Break – Networking

Joint Session with Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum
Session Chair: Houssem Assadi, CEO, Déjamobile, France
An Adaptative Security Framework for NFC Valued Added Services in Retail PREVIEW

Ming Yin, R&D Expert, Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Germany

– Rich NFC services (Couponing/Loyalty…) are today’s differentiators in mobile NFC payment
– NFC is not inherently secure and channel security must be provided as part of application protocol
– Different NFC services have different security requirements: Adaptive security appreciated
– Bringing both security & interoperability to the NFC VAS in Retail

A Phone is "Something you have" PREVIEW

Chris Edwards, Chief Technical Officer, Intercede, UK

– Mobile devices can store and present attributes relating to multiple identities
– The user must be in full control of their personal information
– NFC greatly extends the use cases for mobile authentication
– A well-managed credential enrolment and delivery system is needed

Privacy in the Setting of Contactless Mobile Services PREVIEW

Jacques Traoré, R&D Engineer at Orange Labs, Coordinator of the ANR project LYRICS, France

– How to enable the use of contactless mobile services while providing a high level of guaranties in terms of privacy protection and trust?
– How to ensure data minimization and data sovereignty in a mobile ecosystem?
– The case of fare management systems
– Towards lightweight privacy-enhancing cryptographic techniques for anonymous public transit passes

Mobile Device Security – Evolutionary Strategies
Stefan Hebsgaard, Technical Project Manager, Cryptomathic, Denmark

GlobalPlatform: Supporting the Deployment & Management of Secure Elements PREVIEW

Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform, USA

– An introduction to GlobalPlatform’s SE Configuration and insight as to what this means for the industry
– An overview of the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program and current work focus
– An introduction to GlobalPlatform Embedded SE Sub-Task Force and next steps for the group

NFC Security and Cloud of Secure Elements PREVIEW

Pascal Urien, Professor, Telecom ParisTech, France

– NFC security is needed for emerging application, such as access control or payments
– Regarding the NFC P2P mode, we propose a reuse of SSL/TLS in a protocol named LLCPS
– Is there a future for the virtualization of Secure Element ?
– Cloud of Secure Elements means using a phone as a secure bridge between a legacy reader and servers hosting secure element.

M4M 2.0: Architecture and Deployment Models PREVIEW

Maurizio Divona, Technical Marketer, Standardization & Technology Department, Gemalto Italy

– Mifare for mobile version 2.0
– Deployment models
– Management of MIFARE-based services in NFC mobile devices

End of the Congress